high quality poultry house plastic slat floor width 500mm poultry plastic flooring for poultry farm plastic mesh

Poultry House Floor Features:

Model                  Specification
2.6 hole plastic slat 1200mm*500mm*40mm / 2.2kg / 20mmx26mm
2.3 hole plastic slat 1200mm*500mm*40mm / 2.3kg / 20mmx23mm
1.6 hole plastic slat 1200mm*500mm*40mm / 2kg /16mmx16mm
2.3 hole plastic slat 1000mm*500mm*40mm / 1.8kg /20mm*23mm
2.6 hole plastic slat 1000mm*500mm*40mm / 1.8kg /20mm*26mm
2.3 hole plastic slat 600mm*500mm*40mm/1.33kg /20mmx23mm
2.3 hole plastic slat 400mm*500mm*40mm/0.74kg/20mmx23mm
Triangle beam (10cm height) made by frp    1kg/meter
Triangle beam (12cm height) made by frp    1.55kg/meter
Support leg -A Height un-adjustable depend on pipe length
Support leg -B Height adjustable from 18cm to 28cm

Products Details

PP 0.91-0.92g/cm³
Gap (cm)
1.6 or 2.3 or 2.6
Thickness (cm)
Chicken,Goose,Duck, Poultry
Service life
8 years
Load bearing weight

Poultry Farm Plastic Slat Floor

1.Pure new plastic materials by injection molding for dividing farm into brood floor, poultry floor.
2.The poultry slat floor with corrosion resistance, aging resistance.
3.The poultry farming slat floor is easy to clean and disinfect and long service life.
4.The broiler plastic chicken slat floor is high loading strength and durability, load 200-300 kg.
5.The chicken farming floor height can be adjusted. Adjustable leg height range:400~500mm.
6.Reasonable design of the hole size can avoid the hurt of chicken foot, easy clean and installation.
7.The chicken slat floor apply to chickens, ducks, geese, as well as other poultry breeders.

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