Double Door Roof Air Intake Vents Roof Mounted Ceiling Ventilation Inlet Window for Animal Farm

Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet are designed to be used as ceiling mounted air inlets in livestock structures. Keep your air circulating smoothly with the use of Marshine selection of Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet which provide precise control and distribution of incoming air flow into or out of any type of ventilation systems. In adequate airflow in hot conditions increase stress on your animals, and can have a negative effect on their development. Marshine offers a large selection of fans, baffles, inlets, curtain machines and controllers to help provide optimal climates throughout your production facility.

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1. What is an Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet?

The poultry farm Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet can provide chicken shed enough oxygen and fresh air, and keep the temperature balance, Dust, ammonia and carbon dioxide are eliminated and water vapor is removed from the air inlet. By means of a well designed Marshine roof air vents you are able to increase your flock capacity per house. this is one part of the environment control system, This poultry roof intake vents is suitable for large scale chicken farm as effectively ventilation equipment to reduce the temperature and prevent diseases inside the chicken shed, It can be easily installed on the farm roof. roof intake vents (2)

2. What is the features of Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet?

1. The fixed plate is made of ABS engineering plastic injection molding, which is corrosion-resistant and does not deform 2. Adopting hollow design and adding sponge heat preservation, with double-layer heat preservation effect 3. The air door adopts self-hanging design,Closed tightly,Flexible opening 4. The locking screws are made of stainless steel, with long service life and no rust roof intake vents (3)

3. What is the size and type of Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet?

The specification of Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet:
Color Black, Orange, White, Yellow
Shape Rectangle
Size Dimensions 645 * 305, 600 * 325, 690 * 300
Features High strength, toughness, anti-aging performance, long service life, flexible opening, double row stainless steel spring to ensure good side wind window sealing.
Material PE PP ABS engineering plastics
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4. Why do you need Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet for your poultry house?

Roof Mounted Ceiling Air Inlet is a gravity ceiling vent with a revolutionary, patented design that maximizes air management. Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet is designed to provide livestock with a better mix of air and to help growers maintain higher ventilation rates during cold weather without sacrificing poultry house temperatures or wasting fuel. Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet can significantly reduce poultry house fuel usage and improve poultry house ventilation system management, pulls warm attic air into the house and directs the air along the ceiling. Marshine Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet supplement poultry house with an automatic supply of tempered air during the early stages of minimum ventilation, without the need for a winch. Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet are simple to assemble and require no tools. Simply snap three sides together, insert the bottom channel and snap the fourth side in place to complete the inlet. Marshine unique packaging also serves as the attic sleeve during installation. roof intake vents (6) roof intake vents (7)

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1. What is an Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet? 2. What is the features of Roof Mounted Ceiling Inlet? 3. What is the size and type of roof air vents? 4. Why do you need roof intake vents for your poultry house?

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